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- Fees are payable weekly or monthly. If your child turns up to class without the fee having been paid, and unless you have a prior written agreement with NJPA, as regards fee payment, they will not be allowed to participate. A written reminder for fees not paid after the second class of term will incur a £5 administration charge. 

- Fees are based on a weekly basis. 

- Your child's class attendance must be confirmed by the deadline stated on the invoice in order to secure their place for the following term.

- 4 weeks written notice to the Principal is required for any pupil wishing to discontinue any class or leave the school. If the required notice is not received, the full payment of the pupil's fees for the following term will be due. 

- Should any pupil wish to discontinue any class or leave the school, refunds for any unused classes will not be given. 

- Prior permission must be sought from any pupil wishing to participate in any external vocational classes, amateur or professional productions, videos and festivals and competitions. 

- Parents who book private lessons, wether for festivals, competitions, exam coaching or otherwise, must pay in advance for these classes when they are booked. Refunds will not be given in the event of the pupil not attending pre-book private lessons.

- Pupils are required to attend class wearing the correct uniform.

- Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before class and brings a bottle of water if desired into the studio.

-  NJPA do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property left on the premises.

- NJPA will work towards IDTA exams. Peoples will only be entered when they have reached the required standard decided by the teacher. Peoples taking grade exams will be required to attend a compulsory second weekly class in return before the exam takes place. Parents will be notified at the appropriate time. Studio is wishing to take exams in grade 4 and above and point to work, must attend to ballet technique classes weekly. This does not apply to children of the classes. NJPA has the right to withdraw any people from an examination at any stage.

- NJPA endeavour to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. We ask you to bring and collect your child promptly and provide us with written details of changes and drop-off and pickup arrangements.

- Pupils will not be allowed to leave the dance area until they are collected. Written permission is required should you wish your child to be allowed to leave unsupervised.

Terms and Conditions

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