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Nadia Jane Performing Arts work very closely with R-Vision - a film and photography company based in London. In the previous years we have created many pieces that have a very strong meaning behind them. To see more of our projects please visit our YouTube channel.

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Nadia Jane Performing Arts Staff Video - Special Collaboration with IMD LEGION and NJPA.

Choreographed by

Nadia Jane

Emily Ganley

Omar Ansah-Awuah

Special Thanks To

Lamar Flynn

Koby Turner

Karina Norenberg

& all the dancers featured in the video! 

The performance is concerning the subject of Black Lives Matter, showing unity and compassion of all races. The story will show the pain of the UK and then bring together all races. We must be determined to fight through the evil that aims to turn us all against one another. We follow young people fighting against the grain aiming to separate them, due to their race and people’s hate, discrimination, and ignorance of them. They will travel through the city centre, dancing away the aim of some, trying to separate them, uniting as one and coming together despite all the negativity they face, driving to stop them. They will stand together and dance against the obstacles of racism and stand together knowing that black lives do matter too.

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